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Announcing Bloodfire Mandalas Custom Fine Art

February 14, 2019 - Woodstock, Georgia

Heather Fritz, owner and principle photographer at Bloodfire Studios in Woodstock, Georgia announces a new line of fine art, Bloodfire Mandalas. With each one being completely one-of-a-kind, this art is designed to speak to the soul. With the added element of sacred geometry, the art is designed to draw your attention, pulling the viewer in and raising vibration frequency.

“I fell in love with designing and creating these Mandalas last fall; what really got my attention was how excited and overwhelmed with beauty I felt as I created them. I love how these make me feel and I see a myriad of faces in many of them; I want to use my creativity and vision to create art that moves or captivates people,” said Ms. Fritz, the artist.

The artist wants to bringing this line of art to the masses and can see this style of art on interior décor items like dishware, coasters, pillows, rugs, tapestries, printed wall art and every day items like umbrellas, cards, journal cover art, greeting & thank you cards and scarves.

Due to the abstract nature of Bloodfire Mandalas, and how you can recognize some items or textures in the art, it has a familiar pull. If you look at them for longer than a moment, you see something different inside each time; they make wonderful contemplation and meditation focus points. This is why the artist thinks that they would be great hanging on the walls at hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehab facilities and hotels - places where people might need an escape or a focal point to calm down and relax.

The artist chose the word "Mandala" because they are inspired by Tibetan Sand Mandalas and that word has become a term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically. A Mandala is also a symbol in a dream, representing the search for completeness and self-unity.

Below are some of the Bloodfire Mandalas. The online Bloodfire Boutique is under construction now but some art is posted online for digital download purchase now. Have it turned into wall art, interior decor or clothing. Buy your Bloodfire Mandala today!

Bloodfire Studios' Client - HanStone Quartz - Best in Design 2019

HanStone Quartz was designated as Best of Design for Made in North America Solid Surface by Modern Luxury Interiors Atlanta magazine and featured in the February 2019 issue. Bloodfire Studios worked with Hanwha in early 2018 to capture images of this fantastic penthouse in Atlantic Station. The designer and contractor was GoToPros and the fabulous Vyk Genys. Scroll down to see other images from this location.

A tearsheet from the February 2019 issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Atlanta magazine.

A tearsheet from the February 2019 issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Atlanta magazine.