Meet Heather Fritz of Bloodfire Studios in Woodstock

Meet Heather Fritz of Bloodfire Studios in Woodstock

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Bloodfire Studios in Atlanta, Georgia is known for stunning architectural image design. A commercial studio, businesses work with Bloodfire for commercial, industrial, product and lifestyle photography.

Owner and Principle, Heather Fritz is an award-winning, published photographer with over 25 years of experience and strives to create engaging and artistic images for businesses and individuals that represent a better reality. The Bloodfire brand is expanding with the addition of destination wedding imagery, a new line of custom and collaborative commercial art called Bloodfire Mandalas and is launching aerial drone imagery services by mid-2019. The brand is about collaboration, artistry, and love; she and her team bring these values into each project.

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Introducing Bloodfire Air Command, the Drone Division of Bloodfire Studios

Introducing Bloodfire Air Command, the Drone Division of Bloodfire Studios

ATLANTA: July 1, 2019 - Bloodfire Studios launches a drone division called Bloodfire Air Command; operated by a FAA 107 licensed and insured unmanned aircraft pilot with over 25 years of experience in professional photography. Bloodfire Air Command is based in Atlanta, Georgia and travels world-wide for clients. Offering professional aerial photography and videography capture as well as editing services, we make SAFETY OUR #1 PRIORITY. We work with professional grade equipment that can change lenses and cameras and always have a Visual Observer/Assistant on site at all large commercial jobs.

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Announcing Bloodfire Mandalas Custom Fine Art

February 14, 2019 - Woodstock, Georgia

Heather Fritz, owner and principle photographer at Bloodfire Studios in Woodstock, Georgia announces a new line of fine art, Bloodfire MandalasTM. Each piece is completely one-of-a-kind and the artist hopes that the designs will delight the viewer’s soul.

“I fell in love with designing and creating this art; what really got my attention was how excited and overwhelmed with beauty I felt as I created them. I love how these make me feel and I see a myriad of faces in many of them. I want to use this vision to create art that moves or relaxes people,” said Ms. Fritz.

“Due to the abstract nature of Bloodfire Mandalas and how you can recognize some items or textures in the art, it has a familiar pull. If you look at them for longer than a moment, you see something different inside each time; they make wonderful contemplation and meditation focus points,” she continued, “and I would love to see them in hotels where people are disconnected and distracted.

Each piece is handcrafted in her studio in Woodstock to offer a different perspective on familiar subjects and textures. Bloodfire Mandalas include many elements such as nature, textures, objects and colors from familiar items formed into an interesting design. An added bonus is that these include the element of sacred geometry and as such the designs resonate with people and can raise their vibration frequency which is especially positive in places of healing. This is why the artist thinks that they would be great hanging on the walls at hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehab facilities and hotels and airports - places where people might need an escape or a focal point to calm down, relax and connect to self.

The artist chose the word "Mandala" because they are inspired by Tibetan Sand Mandalas and that word has become a term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; it’s a symbol representing the search for completeness and self-unity.

The artist wants to bringing this line of art to the masses and can see this style of art on interior décor items like dishware, coasters, pillows, patio rugs, printed wall art and every day items like umbrellas, cards, and journals as well as some fabrics like towels, bags and scarves.

“That will probably be Phase II,” said Ms. Fritz. “I am focused on creating opportunities to blend my custom art with functional pieces that companies need - a fresh perspective on a company’s or brand’s office wall art, signage and inter-company communications.

The commissioning process is simple and completely collaborative. Heather’s approach is to work with art directors and brand managers to understand the elements they want to include, colors and messaging and get a complete understanding of how the art will be installed and viewed. This completely custom approach is allowing the artist to partner with hospitals and hotels to create original art that fits the clients desires: feel, color, themes, messaging, interior decor, and the like.

“I am excited to offer businesses a fresh take on their brand and custom designs that fit their interests,” she said. That means the addition of words, company and motivational messages - and thinking along the lines of “marketing” in order to offer a cohesive look for a client. She also offers to take the project to completion including installation services.

Below are some of the Bloodfire Mandalas the artist has designed. If you are interested in learning more or commissioning the artist, please contact her directly (see below). These are the full designs, but the artist crops them as she is moved to do so and rarely are they ever seen completely symmetrical like these.

Contact the Artist: Heather Fritz,, 770-256-7073