Introducing Bloodfire Air Command, the Drone Division of Bloodfire Studios

ATLANTA: July 1, 2019

Bloodfire Studios launches a drone division called Bloodfire Air Command; operated by a FAA 107 licensed and insured unmanned aircraft pilot with over 25 years of experience in professional photography.

Aerial imagery is taking the world by storm and the unusual perspective offers your clients and customers a different and engaging vantage point. Drones in general are infiltrating every industry as they become a cost effective solution that can also save lives by putting a drone where it is unsafe for humans.

Bloodfire Air Command is based in Atlanta, Georgia and travels world-wide for clients. Offering professional aerial photography and videography capture as well as editing services, we make SAFETY OUR #1 PRIORITY. We work with professional grade equipment that can change lenses and cameras and always have a Visual Observer/Assistant on site at all large commercial jobs.

Have you dreamed of how you can incorporate drone into your business? Don’t yet know how or how much that will cost? Reach out to learn more and check out this video with some examples of how drone can be used.